Sue & Lee Mansis – Oceanside

We were referred to Carlyn by our realtor in L.A. because Carlyn was one of the top sellers in the “Oceanas”, where we intended to buy. Carlyn endured over 7 months searching, communicating and touring with us; we even considered making an offer on a home until Carlyn wisely advised us not to purchase until we were fully “ready,” as we still had many loose ends to tie up in L.A. This proved prudent because we ended up waiting to find the home which was more perfect for us than we had originally envisioned! Carlyn jumped on this home once it came on the market and walked us through the process step by step, patiently and faithfully. She is an excellently responsive realtor, which is a deciding factor for me, personally, as I have worked with realtors who do not reply for hours, if not days!

Carlyn has become a trusted friend and was very resourceful in supplying us with contacts of reliable contractors and service techs in this area to work with, as we had little familiarity with Oceanside businesses. Carlyn’s integrity is strong as well; and if she doesn’t know something, she will research it until she finds out! She has a keen awareness of the area, which we appreciated, and after knowing us only a short while, she was able to discern our best fit for a home.

We are thankful to Carlyn for her tremendous patience and caring kindness, as well as her overseeing of the closing process and final wrap up of our property purchase. We love our new Oceana home and would not have given it a second glance if not for Carlyn! ​

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