Sheridan Green – Santa Clarita CA

I honestly cannot praise Carlyn highly enough. I live out of the area as I had inherited the home. Carlyn had all the local resources that I needed to update the home in order to get top dollar for the property. She not only suggested local and experienced contractors for flooring, granite, repairs, plumbing etc. (any good agent should do this) but she also PERSONALLY met them all at the house, supervised the work then emailed me photos of the finished project so I could do a final inspection before the payment was sent. Her husband, Steve, even chipped in and fixed a few things.

You would never believe how many phone calls, texts, faxes and email were exchanged between buyer’s agent, loan company, escrow offices, notaries, attorneys and signing documents on-line. She gave me excellent advice and guidance through the complicated operation. Someone less experienced would have buckled under the strain.

I reiterate: I honestly cannot praise Carlyn highly enough. I would recommend Carlyn Yenger to anyone.