Robert Eril Levine – Carlsbad, CA

I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my wife in order to make known our deep respect for and gratitude to Jeanne Redlinger for the extraordinary job of brokering she did during the long and arduous acquisition of our new home in Carlsbad. We believe that without Jeannie’s strategic understanding of how to guide the purchase towards completion, her considerable patience and her very astute reading of the seller’s state-of-mind and the listing agent’s awkward positioning, that we would not have been able to buy the home that we wanted so badly and on terms that were acceptable to us.

We arrived in this area and began looking for a property to purchase last November. Jeannie understood the kind of place we were looking for right away and worked with us over some time to find it. She located what was probably the perfect property for us, only minutes from my work. The seller had overimproved the property and then put it onto the market at an unreasonable price at which Jeannie, with her mortgage banking background, knew the property would probably not appraise. She had the devise and follow through on a plan to bring the seller and her agent down to a price that we were willing to pay without turning them off to a sale to us. Jeannie managed the process over nearly two months of delicate negotiations, first winnning the confidence of the listing agent and then working the price down in a diplomatic fashion. This was not a routine home sale and Jeannie’s ability to pull if off makes it clear that she is a real estate agent whose knowledge of real estate transactions and understanding of people is anything but ordinary. We have nothing but admiration for her and would recommend her professional skills to anybody looking to buy or sell a home. Believe me, when it comes time to sell our home, Jeannie will be our agent. She’s as good as they get.