Mike and Debbie – Encinitas, CA

For the last few months I have been struggling on how to put into words our appreciation for the efforts of two members of your staff, Bill and Jan Richard.  Their expertise and professionalism took a potential high stress situation and turned it into a smooth and pleasant experience.
We had been trying to get out of our small, cramped condo and into a house for about a year by going to open houses, trying real estate agents that weren’t listening to our needs, taking model home tours,  etc. and was quickly coming to the conclusion that nothing was out there for us.  Things started to turn when we met Bill at an open house and told him our story.  Within a short time he was showing us homes that were meeting our needs were all potential winners.  Unfortunately the stock market started to take a turn for the worse and out anticipated down payment started to dwindle.
Now most agents would have dropped us like a hot potato and moved on but not Bill.  He empathized with our situation and kept in touch with us until we were ready to put ourselves back into the market.  He put us in touch with a person that helped us determine the best way for us to buy without having a touch our deflated stock options.  Within the first week of being back into the game, he found us 3 exceptional homes.  The  tough part was picking which one we wanted. After Bill negotiated a fair price for us, he and Jan took on the difficult task of finding a buyer for the condo in the time allotted so the profit could be used as a down payment for the house.  Not only did they fund a buyer, a difficult one I might add, but also closed the deal with time to spare.  A smooth transaction all the way around.
You hear horror stories about home buying and selling and I was expecting the worse, but our dealings with Bill, Jan totally contradicted what I was hearing from friends and associates.  I will strongly recommend Bill and Jan to anyone I come across who is in the need of their services.
Thanks Again,
Mike and Debbie