Michael Berry – Little Mountain, SC

Jeanne Redlinger is the best Real Estate agent I have ever observed, and I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Jeanne handled my Mother’s new home purchase when she moved from South Carolina to California. My siblings and I shared in representing my Mother and had the good fortune and privilege to work with Jeanne to facilitate the purchase. She expertly represented us in looking after our Mom’s best interests during the entire process. There were several major defects with the home that were discovered during the home inspection. These issues warranted a credit from the seller and several were critical repairs. Jeanne worked diligently to obtain the credit needed to cover the critical items and was challenged every step of the way by a reluctant seller and an unprofessional agent representing the seller. She superbly represented us in an ethical and professional manner and ensured that my Mom would purchase a safe living environment. On behalf of my Mother and family, I can’t thank her enough for her outstanding service.

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