Marilyn Bloom – Walnut Creek, CA

Our initial contact with Melinda Murray was a phone consultation while she was on vacation! Without hesitation, she answered our questions about a property she had recently sold, with honesty and forthrightness, even though she was officially “off the clock”!
This was impressive and spoke of her professional dedication. Plus she wasn’t pitching herself to be our agent (which so many do immediately) and was genuinely sharing information that was helpful about the condo and the complex. This was so refreshing and authentic that we decided to employ her as our buyer’s agent! Her outgoing and friendly demeanor certainly impressed us also! So far our relationship has been the best we’ve ever had with a realtor. One of her outstanding traits is her timely responsiveness which has made us feel like a top priority. It’s our opinion that communication, open and honest, is one of the most important traits in this business. Melinda is the most responsive realtor we have ever dealt with! Plus, her advice has been very straight forward and market savvy.. We are fortunate to have found such a competent and intelligent guide in this journey for a new home in San Diego.