Margaret Carey – Carlsbad, CA

I decided to sell my home in Fountain Valley, downsize to a condominium, and move to North San Diego County to be closer to my grandchildren. After 44 years in my FV residence, I dreaded the process of selling one home and buying another and all the life-changing decisions I would face. Bill not only made my experiences less stressful, he made them enjoyable; and he was always available to show me listings that met my criteria. After looking at a unit, we’d discuss the pros and cons so that I could easily eliminate the choices that wouldn’t fit my lifestyle. Once he had me walk up and down a flight of stairs leading to the front door six times to see if I would be comfortable having to navigate stairs every time I entered or left my home. Another time he asked me to retrace my steps from a gorgeous condo down the long hallway to the underground parking garage. Then he posed the question, “Will you be okay with doing that every time you leave your condo?” at which point the upgraded designer condo had lost some of its appeal. We stood on patios and discussed the view and the canyon breezes. His skill in posing thought-provoking questions for my consideration definitely led me to make the best decision for myself and my family, and his expertise in negotiating skills brought great results. I am most grateful for Bill’s wisdom and experience. Thank you so much, Bill.