Linda & John Henry – Encinitas, CA

We have known Jeanne for several years and enjoyed our friendship with her. So when we decided to sell our home in Encinitas, we knew that her impressive professionalism, personality and demeanor as an agent would make her our choice. Jeanne brings a strong knowledge base and real estate experience that proved to be extremely valuable to us in selling our home. Her ability to anticipate issues, concerns and possible problems saved us from having to face crises during the process. At one point, an unusual issue arose from the buyers’ inspection, and although it wasn’t one Jeanne (or any other agent we knew of) had ever experienced, she used her creativity and uncommon good judgment to bring it to a successful and speedy resolution. She has very good resources and contacts within the industry and related services that also proved most helpful. Even though we’ve bought and sold homes many times, the paperwork is always overwhelming, with new laws and requirements with each experience. Thanks to Jeanne’s in depth experience and calm demeanor, she walked us through the piles of paperwork required and made the potentially nerve wracking process painless. And her common sense, creativity and practical approach to problem solving never ceased to amaze us, even to the point of our preparing for the moving process. When I would get rattled about an issue, I could always count on her to magically bring me down from the rafters and make me feel confident to deal with things. On the day we moved, she appeared, ready to help in any way and send us off with big smiles to match hers. Beyond her abilities and confidence as a professional, Jeanne has a truly delightful personality that shines, making her clients feel they came out the other end of the dreaded mission of selling their home, feeling like a winner rather than a survivor! Whether it was setting the asking price, marketing our home in the best light, suggesting improvements before putting it on the market, evaluating and negotiating offers or helping with our packing, she walked us through any trials and tribulations, keeping the end goal in her view: selling your home to the best buyer for the best price as quickly as time allows….all without breaking a sweat! The only problem: we love our new home in Oregon, but we miss Jeanne.