Joan Wapner – Oceanside, CA

October 21, 2006

It was with some trepidation that we embarked upon finding our first home together. The seemingly monumental task involved purchasing a new house that offered a convenient commute to both of us, within our budget, timed so that we could move in soon after our honeymoon; and selling Eric’s house in Oceanside (which was in need of some “enhancement”) despite a slow market, also timed to close soon after our honeymoon; while simultaneously planning our wedding and associated events. It is doubtful that we could have accomplished these goals without the help of an exceptional realtor, Joan Wapner.

Joan’s knowledge, confidence and professionalism are exemplary, but she shines in her willingness and ability to go the extra mile to get the job done. When looking for a house, she patiently worked within our very cramped schedule to show us what was available in both 2 and 3 bedroom units in our price range, going so far as to provide us with MLS data on every unit we were to see beforehand, and providing a reformatted page on which to take notes. When we were ready to make offers, she researched market conditions extensively and provided expert advice on how to negotiate the best price. Since the townhouse we bought in south Carlsbad, was owned by a woman acting as her own agent but seemingly not up to the task, Joan worked overtime to compensate. When we discovered problems with cabinets and appliances after moving in, Joan took the initiative to fix the problems at no cost to us. We have now been living in the house for 4 months and couldn’t be happier!

With respect to selling the house in Oceanside, Joan took time to obtain multiple bids on work to be done, including new carpeting, appliances, tile, paint and landscaping; then supervised the work to ensure that it was done on time and on budget. Once the house was ready, she did everything in her power to ensure a quick sale without underselling, including staging the interior, extensive advertising, and holding 3 or 4 open houses. The end result was that the house sold at a good price shortly after our move, despite a slow market.

Anyone wishing to buy or sell a house (or both) would be wise to place their trust in Joan Wapner. We are very happy that we did, and could scarcely imagine a better choice.

Eric Ross and Nicole MacNeel

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