Joan Wapner – Carlsbad, CA

May 24, 2013

The purpose of this letter is to enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Joan Wapner for any required realty services in Southern California. Given a combination of a substantial amount of experience in buying and selling residential real estate and the fact that several of our close friends are either owners of large real estate firms or full-time realtors, we believe we are well familiar with the services that are required and professional standards that should be expected in relation to realty services. We first met Joan during the latter part of 2012 and we believe we have gotten to know her on a personal as well as on a professional level. Our initial contact with her was prompted by a recommendation from a friend of one of our sons. Importantly, we have been particularly impressed by a combination of Joan’s integrity, loyalty and attention to detail. This is quite apart from her obvious knowledge of the Southern California real estate market and all of the complexities of buying and selling residential property in Southern California. Joan assisted us in two transactions, the first being the listing and sale of a condominium owned by us in the Ocean Pointe condominium complex in Carlsbad, and second being the purchase of a large townhouse type unit in the south part of Carlsbad. Importantly, during the early stages of our dealings with Joan we outlined to her in careful detail the parameters that we saw as being important in relation to both the sale and the purchase. Joan paid careful attention to the parameters and did not waste our time with suggestions outside the parameters. Joan possesses extremely strong negotiation skills and aslo possesses well-honed instincts relevant to her profession. We would also mention that in our view her listing price recommendation for the sale of our existing property was realistic and resulted in an offer within a few days. Joan was also of an enormous help in assisting sortin out a number of difficult issues in relation to the sale. As well, in connection with the purchase of our new property, Joan was successful in negotiating a very attractive price. Her attention to detail was very important to us. It should also be noted that Joan is an excellent communicator and, as well, is extremely responsive to telephone calls and e-mail. This was particularly important give that our full-time residence is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Therefore, in the final result, as we trust is obvious from our comments above, we cannot imagine anyone who has met Joan settling on another choice.

Donald J Chernichen and Nina L. Chernichen