Joan Wapner – Carlsbad, CA

January 23, 2010

I’m happy to write a strong and enthusiastic letter of recommendation for Joan Wapner.

Joan helped my wife and me find a buy a wonderful house during what many people considered the worst, most uncertain housing market in anyone’s memory. Even though we were looking in a so called “buyer’s market,” we still had to work our way through many difficulties, including tighter credit restrictions and the anxiety of buying a house while houses in general were losing value.

Joan was knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, creative, energetic, and calming in all our dealings with her, and the loan officers, sellers’ agents, title companies, inspectors, and others involved in the process. She has developed a network of professional contacts, and we eventually worked mostly with people she recommended, with very happy results. As we moved deeper into this complex process, I felt more and more well-informed about why each step was necessary. By the end, I was confident we were getting a lovely house for a fair price, on favorable terms, and in excellent shape.

For all her expertise, however, Joan was open to my suggestions and took all our questions seriously. She never dismissed homes I had found on-line. She would research and preview them as carefully as one she identified, and would give us tour of any that seemed close to what we wanted. At the start of our search period, she talked to us extensively about our price range, what we wanted in a neighborhood, and how much of a commute we wanted. She looked for a home for us, not just a house she could talk us into buying.

Her support didn’t end with the closing. As much as we loved the house, we wanted to make some changes before moving in. Joan helped us find a good, licensed handyman, and offered valuable decorating ideas.

We consider Joan a friend, but I am sure she gives this level of authoritative and comprehensive, yet personal and unfailingly encouraging service to all of her clients.

I am happy to repeat all of these statements and answer questions about why she should be your agent.


David Artis
La Costa Valley