Joan Wapner – CA

October 25, 2012

We are writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend Joan Wapner’s realty services. Since this was to be our first home purchase, my fiancé and I were looking for someone with experience, expertise, as well as an availability to help us through every step of this very new and complex process. Joan was all of this and more! Since we are both busy professionals with limited flexibility in our schedule, we were concerned with the time commitment it would take to find a home. Our fears were unwarranted with Joan, as she always worked within our schedule. She also regularly took it upon herself to attend appointments in our place, including those related to the inspection and repairs during escrow, saving us countless hours of hassle and time away from work. I truly don’t know how we would have accomplished it all without her willingness to go above and beyond for us. Joan attended every one of our meetings related to the home purchase, including those involving our lender, escrow, and inspections. She even found us a great deal on a washer and dryer, since they were not included in the property, and helped us move them! Joan was also always there to go over third party paperwork with us, answering any questions we had and following up with said parties if there were mistakes or inconsistencies. We regularly were told by others that they were surprised to see Joan so involved, since it was rate to get such excellent support and attention from a realtor. Joan’s negotiation skills were on target during every part of the home purchasing process, and it was only with her help that were were able to get the property of our dreams while staying within our budget. In fact, we recently found out that our new home appraised for significantly more than the price we paid, further demonstrating her negotiation skills! And perhaps most importantly for new buyers, Joan helped calm us down through each of the emotional and stressful steps in the process, while also giving us time and space to think or discuss any issues that came up. We never felt rushed or pushed in one direction, We have heard unfortunate stories from our friends and acquaintances about realtors who pushed properties on them, encouraged them to go outside their budget, were unreachable during critical points in the process, and more. My fiancé and I cannot count how many times during this experience we have said to each other how glad were were to have Joan helping us. Her dedication, knowledge and expertise are unmatchable!

Danielle Warren and Daniel Gremban