Joan Wapner – CA

May 11, 2010

My wife and I found Joan Wapner’s slogan ( she “Lets you be ‘The Judge”’) to be completely accurate when we purchased our first home together this year. We judge her skills, knowledge, and professionalism to be exceptional and second to none.

She worked tirelessly for approximately one full year to help us find our home. We were extremely particular with what we were looking for and she helped us get what we wanted. She wrote many offers (more than seven) in her efforts to help us understand this market of REOs and short sales, even when she did not agree with our decisions.

During our long home search, we were in constant contact with Joan. She was available night and day to discuss our options and allay our concerns and she went out of her way to do what we asked of her. This included previewing multiple homes in order to save us valuable time. She clearly understood what we were looking for so we trusted her to screen the listings. In addition to previewing the home specifications, she went out of her way to address our concerns. For example, she counted how many cars passed by a house we were interested in a certain period of time so we could ascertain the traffic level. She knocked on neighbors’ doors to ask about construction details in the neighborhood. She went to the city to look up building permits. She consistently went above and beyond the normal call of duty to help us in our home search.

One of Joan’s most important qualities is her ability to develop rapport with other agents. The house that we purchased was sought after and there was a frenzy of activity. Joan quickly developed a good working relationship with the listing agent. Joan’s ability to work constructively with the listing agent of the house made all the difference. It was because of her diligence and expertise that our offer was chosen out of seventy-one (yes, seventy-one!) others.

Happily, we found a wonderful new home in Encinitas in time for the birth of our second child. Unequivocally, we highly recommend Joan Wapner to be your Realtor too.

We will gladly speak with you if you have any questions.

Charity Stearns and Brian Stearns

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