Ilene Sherman – Rancho Bernardo, CA

To Whom it May Concern:

During recent years it became obvious to me that I needed to downsize, and move into a more manageable sized home. The thought of selling my beautiful home, where my family had enjoyed so many celebrations and a few sad occasions, was hard for me to consider. At this stage of my life, I didn’t know if I could do everything necessary to prepare my home for sale, and the thought of the paperwork, was almost too much to bare.

On a recommendation, I called Patti Phillips, a Senior Relocation Specialist, to discuss a possible house sale. Well, calling Patti was the best thing I did for myself! She helped me through the process every step of the way, and calmed me down when the stress was just too much.

I sold my house and with her help, found a smaller, bright and cheerful home, closer to my children.

Do yourself a favor and call Patti to discuss selling your home. She will work tirelessly to complete the sale– and you will be very pleased at her attention to detail– why she will even talk to your children and answer their questions.. do you know another Realtor who will do that?

Helping seniors sell their lifelong home is Patti’s specialty, I know, she sold mine!


Ilene Sherman