Eric and Shieta – Escondido CA

We went through 3 Realtors before finding Ken and Jean. They really are amazing Realtors and people. We were out of state and frustrated. Our Realtor in our home state referred Ken and Jean as she knew us very well and knew what kind of Realtors we needed. Ken and Jean really got to know us and what we were looking for. They constantly went out to homes we liked on-line and did a walk through video and asked us in real time if we had questions or needed to see something up close.
I believe they did about 20 or 30 that I know of within a month. This was invaluable. This is how we ended up finding our house. I had such trust in in them that they knew exactly what I was looking for that I asked Ken during the video walk though, “Is this the one?” Ken said yes and we made an offer on the spot with out stepping foot on the property. A week or so later we flew in and walked through the absolute perfect home.
I truly do not believe we would have found the perfect home if it had not been for Ken and Jean’s tenacity, drive kindness, thoroughness and a desire to find our dream home. They truly are amazing and we are so very grateful they were our partners in this endeavor.