Debi Coleman – Upland, CA

Moving is an emotional experience whether you are buying or selling, and can mix with uncertainty and confusion with excitement if you are doing both. I was both selling a family home and downsizing to a smaller home in another city. I was fortunate enough to find a Realtor, Megan Gonzalez, who was not only savvy about the real estate market, but also proactive and kind. When I felt consumed about the sale of my house, she expertly maneuvered me through every aspect of buying my new home. I had an impossible wish list and hoped to find a place with maybe half of my desires, Megan found me a place with every one of items on my wish list and then through in a few extras to my delight. I loved working with Megan. She is skilled, knowledgeable, detailed and thorough. Megan is excellent at negotiations and understands real estate law and practices. She has a long list of resources and can help with inspections, repairs, and decorating when the right home is found. Megan was much more than a Realtor, she was a guide through unfamiliar territory, and friend when I needed a calm opinion, and patient during those times when I needed to better understand the process. I consider Megan a treasure and now a friend.