Claudia – San Marcos

For anyone who hasn’t purchased a home yet, it is very difficult to know what makes a good agent versus a bad one. Especially for a first-time home buyer, the process can be intimidating and frustrating. I learned how important it is to have a passionate and dedicated real estate agent who stays motivated when you don’t. After spending over 6 months searching for a house with the wrong agent, I had put in 20+ offers on homes but never came even close to getting any of my offers accepted. My back then agent just shrugged…
Eventually, I took the advice of a friend and contacted Kelly. She stormed me with questions, but only because she wanted to make sure she understands exactly what I am looking for. Not only did she quickly know all my criteria, but she also quickly developed an understanding for the kind of “vibe” I am looking to get from a home.
Shortly after, Kelly sent me a listing that she believed was perfect for me. I didn’t have time to go see the home that day, but Kelly was so convinced that this house was right for me, that she went to see the house by herself and came back with a big smile and many photos. This is the kind of dedication you won’t find in many agents. And she was right. I fell in love with the house right away. We put in an offer and I got it. Kelly really knows what she’s doing, although she is no telling me all her secrets… But I get that feeling that she finds it truly rewarding to make her clients happy.

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