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When you think about good health and happiness, it really is made up of a variety of things: physically feeling well, having the ability to exercise, having fun things to do, some beautiful scenery to… Read More

San Marcos, California has burgeoned out of a nondescript, ‘one horse town’ to a major community in North County San Diego. Just east of Carlsbad and Encinitas, San Marcos San Diego presents a self-contained profile… Read More

Most visitors and tourists to San Diego miss out on the north county experience, while they focus on in town attractions and theme parks. Although, the majority of them, had they known would not overlook… Read More

Encinitas, California comes with a mix of coastal, small town and upscale qualities, attractive to a diverse level of interests and lifestyles. These include the beachfront and a deep history in the world of surfing. Read More