John Amado

About John Amado

My Personal Mission

 I’m John Amado, and I want to be your realtor.

 Why? Because in economically uncertain times, nothing is more valuable than the advice of an experienced professional who can help you steer through the current market.

 In this regard, my goal is a simple one: helping you to achieve yours. With your many commitments to job, home or family, doesn’t it make sense to enlist the help of someone who can do the research and the footwork to help you sell your current residence, or find your dream home?

 I can pledge this: no one else will work as tirelessly to help you gain your objective. I am backed by a team of experienced professionals with the tools, commitment and expertise to assist you in making this happen.

 If selling or buying a home is your goal, please call me for a consultation.

 Warm regards,


John Amado

Licensed Realtor®, J.D.

Team Members

WebMug Steve Compos Cal BRE #1397797 REALTOR®, Listings/Marketing Coordinator Office Phone: (760)-603-8377 x107 Fax: (760)-603-8773
WebMug Candice Mellor Cal BRE #1808523 REALTOR®, Transaction Compliance Coordinator Office Phone: (760)-603-8377 x103 Fax: (760)-603-8773