Jared Lawrence

About Jared Lawrence

I’ve been around the business of Real Estate for several years now. I started out on the photography side, shooting Real Estate mostly for AirBnB and local Realtors. Finally, I made the decision to pursue a career in a competitive, yet highly rewarding field.

I’ve always been a people person, so many of the aspects of Real Estate come natural to me. I take great pride in my honesty, and my hard work in handling every situation to my best abilities.

Being a Realtor, I always have something new to learn. There’s nobody out there that knows it all, and I will never claim to, but I do have the support of many amazing team members who all have my clients best interest in mind in every transaction. Nothing will ever fall thru the cracks when it comes to me and my team.

I’m always looking forward to every day in Real Estate, and I’m proud to serve all of San Diego.

Thank you!

Jared Lawrence

Team Members

WebMug Steve Compos Cal BRE #1397797 REALTOR®, Listings/Marketing Coordinator Office Phone: (760)-603-8377 x107 Fax: (760)-603-8773 Steve@RichardRealtyGroup.com www.RichardRealtyGroup.com
WebMug Candice Mellor Cal BRE #1808523 REALTOR®, Transaction Compliance Coordinator Office Phone: (760)-603-8377 x103 Fax: (760)-603-8773 Candice@RichardRealtyGroup.com www.RichardRealtyGroup.com