5 Reasons Why Living in San Diego is Good For Your Health

by Steve Compos

When you think about good health and happiness, it really is made up of a variety of things: physically feeling well, having the ability to exercise, having fun things to do, some beautiful scenery to see, and having people you love nearby. We love San Diego because it gives us all of that, year-round. Healthy living in San Diego is easy to achieve. There is certainly no reason to be bored when you live in San Diego.

1) Unless We’re Talking Weather
Well, maybe if you are a meteorologist here, because our weather is so beautiful and temperate so there’s not much to talk about in that arena. The coastal breeze off the Pacific Ocean keeps San Diego from getting too hot. Usually, the high temperature around here is about 70 degrees. Who is going to argue with that? It never gets really cold here, either, making it the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

2) Beaching in December
You’ll have a smile on your face when you sing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” if your home is San Diego. Yes, we know the beautiful miles of beaches here can get crowded during the summer, but in the winter months, they can be quite uncluttered and peaceful. Just think about listening to the waves crashing as you are strolling along the sandy shoreline. If you are into surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding, San Diego offers some amazing memories just waiting for you.

3) Ready For a Cold One?
San Diego is becoming known worldwide for its craft beer scene. If you are looking for a huge beer garden, think about Stone Brewing Company for a tasting. If you are looking for a garage-type small brewery, we have those here too, like Lost Abbey and Stumblefoot Brewing Company. San Diego is best known for its hoppy IPA’s, so come and enjoy your time with friends!

4) Get Your Grill On
Because of our outstanding weather year round, our grills are never put away here. Our patios are just an extension of our houses, and that’s just fine with us. Researchers have long noted that having a strong core of family and friends can make you live longer. Think San Diego and think being outside, because grilling with family and friends is a frequent affair!

5) Which Flip Flops Are You Wearing Today?
We love the unpretentiousness of San Diego. If you pull out your favorite flip flops, shorts and tank top, you are pretty much good to go around town. There are a few places where dressing up is the norm, but they are few and far between here, and that’s just the way we like it!

Hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, booming culinary and beer scene, surf and sun, perfect weather and laidback attitude. It has caused people from all around the globe to move here and enjoy what we do every day. If you are interested in a home in this place we call paradise, give us a call at Richard Realty; we’d love to talk with you and call you ‘neighbor’ soon!

Published on 2017-12-27 20:33:31