Why Walking in San Diego Makes You Live Longer

If you live in Minnesota this time of year, outdoor activity can be tough, with the wind chills near zero and the wind whipping across your face. But in San Diego, we enjoy year-round moderate temps, and walking in San Diego and enjoying our scenic beauty can add years to your life.

The US Surgeon General issued a report on physical activity and its relationship to health, and it found that more than 50% of the US population does not regularly participate in any form of exercise.

Why Exercise?
We all have chapters in life where exercise is more difficult. Maybe we’ve recently had surgery, or a new baby, or a huge work load. But the new guidelines seem to tell us that it just takes half an hour a day to keep our bodies healthy.

Why Does it Work?
You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating. Exercise has been shown to help prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It can also control our weight, and we need that all across America, as research shows us 1 out of every 3 Americans is obese. Another benefit is that walking strengthens muscles and bones, which can cut your risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. So according to the Surgeon General, if we walk briskly for half an hour every day, our bodies will thank us for it!

The Aerobic Factor
If you’ve ever run, or taken an aerobics class, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Kenneth Cooper. He founded the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas. Known as the “father of aerobics,” he brought research and information to Americans interested in bettering their health. He and his team wanted to know how physical fitness and health made you live longer. Research has been ongoing since the 1970’s, but just a few years ago, the Institute released a study that showed that participating in moderate to high levels of physical activity cut your risk of dying from any cause. So say you think you had the short stick in the area of genetics, as many of your close relatives have died from cancer, heart disease or stroke, or maybe you suffer from high blood pressure or obesity, you can cut your risk by walking in San Diego every day. Now that is good news!

The American Heart association publishes a journal called Circulation. In 2007, it reported on the findings of an expert panel of scientists. Doctors, epidemiologists, exercise scientists and public health specialists reviewed research on physical activity. They said “every adult in the US should accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, or preferably all, days of the week.” What this means is that on those days when you are slammed with work or other activities, if you can fit in a total of 30 minutes during the day, maybe in a couple of shorter walks, you still receive the health benefits.

A Few Walking Trails in San Diego
There are so many walking trails in San Diego that it is hard to narrow it down to just a few. But here are a some of our favorites, when you’re ready to lace up your shoes and take a hike.

Mission Trails Regional Park
Huge recreational area with wide variety of trails

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve
Gorgeous trails through canyons, streams and forests

Torrey Pines State Preserve
Enjoy wildlife, trails, lagoons and beaches

At the End of the Day
Our bodies will reward us when we give it a half hour of exercise a day. Walking is a terrific and inexpensive way to work our muscles, increase our bone density, and ward off heart disease. Here in San Diego, it is so easy to find good walking trails and enjoy the best climate in the U.S.! Call us at Richard Realty if you’d like to make San Diego your healthy home!

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