Top Ways to Increase Curb Appeal in San Diego

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Increasing your home’s curb appeal is a worthwhile investment. Maybe you are anxious to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, or maybe you have no plans to move, but want to have a warm, lively exterior to brighten your mood when you come home from work.


There are many ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, but our team at Richard Realty wanted to give you some of our favorite tips.

Be Bold

Add bold house numbers. This is a relatively inexpensive change-out, and can really update the first impression people have of your home. But you’ll want to be sure that the tone of the house numbers is reflective of the style of your home. For example, your home is more of a cottage style; a hand painted tile in complementary colors would work beautifully. Maybe your home has a modern feel; a modern sans serif font with clean lines would work best. If your home has more of a ranch style look and feel, think about aged copper to continue the ambiance.

Find That Paintbrush and Use Your Imagination

Sometimes it is eye-opening and really helpful to ask a good friend or neighbor to give you some feedback on a new color for your front door and shutters. Our team at Richard Realty sees hundreds of homes each year, and can give you some trusted advice on colors that would make your front door truly welcome your guests.


  • Black is dramatic and works well with lighter-colored stone, brick or siding.
  • Red is the show-stopper, and draws the eye immediately to your front porch.
  • Yellow is light-hearted and fun, and works great with cottage homes.
  • Bright green can be a fun choice, especially if you have potted plants on either side filled with hot pink, coral or red blooms.


Look at Your Seating

Do you have a front porch? If so, look to update your furniture. Think about furniture that would draw you to want to sit outside and chat with the neighbors, or enjoy a happy hour as the sun is setting. Adirondack chairs are a versatile choice, and come in a variety of colors, or can be repainted to match the front door. Your front porch may be great for matching rockers if it is more of a cottage style. You don’t want to crowd the porch with furniture, just make it look inviting. An outdoor rug with complementary colors can really define the space.


Have a Light Bulb Moment

Take a fresh look at the lighting that adorns your front entrance. Has it seen better days? We can all become blind to what the lighting is like; we just don’t see it anymore. It has become utilitarian. Instead, consider investing a relatively small amount of cash into new lighting fixtures that will tell potential homebuyers you are on top of the trends, and have taken great care of your home.



Tackle the Hard Stuff

Hardscaping is the bones of your landscape plan. It means taking into consideration the planter boxes, the sidewalks, in other words, the permanent fixtures. So take a fresh look at them. Would your front entrance be enhanced by some concrete planters, a new stone walkway or updated porch floor surface? Inspect for cracks in the flooring and planters. There are often inexpensive ways to patch the eyesores and make it look new again.


So whether you want to spruce up your entrance to sell your home quickly, or just want to enter the New Year with a new look, you can make the changes without emptying your pocketbook. If you are looking to sell your home, give our team a call: we love hearing from happy clients! We can assist you with ideas (both inside and out) to make your home market-ready!

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