Top 5 Reasons Why a Home Seller Needs a Realtor in San Diego


Okay, so you have finally made the decision. You can envision a “For Sale” sign in your front yard. You are cleaning up and clearing out and getting ready to put your house on the market. You are ready… almost.

We know it is tempting: with the advent of technology, you can place your home for sale on the internet and hope for the best. That’s one strategy. But if you want a strategy that will ensure you get your home sold quickly for top dollar, you need the expertise of a real estate agent. Did you know that almost 9 in every 10 home sellers list their properties with a real estate agent? Let’s do the math: you may do this once or twice in your lifetime, and a realtor works deals every day. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a realtor:

  1. Money–statistics don’t lie, and if a home is sold by a realtor, it typically sells for 18% more than if you are trying to do it yourself. Why? Because they are in touch with the market each day, and know the comparables in your neighborhood and can give you a realistic picture of what your home is worth and the likely sales price.
  2. Time–whoever said ‘time is money’ was right. The longer your house sits on the market, the greater the likelihood you will be losing money on the transaction. If you hire a good realtor, they can guide you through the legalities and potential roadblocks that could keep the sale from happening. You want qualified buyers and you want them quickly, right? So experienced realtors know how to find you the best buyer for your property.
  3. Marketing–Hire the professionals to handle the marketing of a huge transaction: it just makes sense. Trained professionals can market, negotiate, navigate the legalities, do the paperwork, give you professional write-ups about your home, make it look great in still shots and video, and get it listed on MLS’s (Multiple Listing Services) that make sure the greatest amount of eyeballs are looking at your home when you are ready to sell. More eyeballs; the greater likelihood of a sale.
  4. Networking–Real Estate agents, like our team at Richard Realty, spend time building relationships with not only other realtors, but contractors, inspectors, lenders, decorators, home stagers: and these relationships can be invaluable to you as you work through the process of selling your San Diego home.
  5. Peace of Mind–we know this is a huge process, and we think it makes sense for you to reach out for expert counsel, practical help and advice. Selling a home in San Diego is a huge financial transaction, and you need the peace of mind to know the legal details are handled by pros. During the process, we build relationships with our clients, and continue to help them as they move through the selling process and into the next home of their dreams.


Allow our team at Richard Realty to assist you as you move through this exciting phase!