Spicing Up Your Fall Decor


Fall in Love with These Trendy Decorating Ideas in San Diego

While we don’t get a lot of frost on the pumpkin here in San Diego, it doesn’t mean we don’t love the subtle change of seasons. At Richard Realty, we know fall is the perfect time to freshen up your decor, and it doesn’t take a lot of green to do it: just some creativity! We found some fun fall decor ideas from HGTV!

Put the Glam on the Gourds

You can find pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors. Throw a little love their way with some hand-picked leaves and liquid glue. Place the leaves around the pumpkin and paint them on with Mod Podge, or other liquid glue. When they dry, you can give them a light coating with a glossy spray. Very fun welcome for your guests as they arrive for your fall soiree!

Photo Courtesy HGTV

Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers

Even in sunny SoCal, you need to freshen up your planters every now and then. Changing out your summer stock with some fall options like ornamental kale or cabbage, purple fountain grass, pansies and trailing ivy can brighten up the front of your home or patio. A good rule of a green thumb is to include some thrillers (the main star of the show,) some fillers like lambs ears or artemesia, and something that spills over the container for a creative fall display.  

Photo Courtesy HGTV

Go Vertical

Stack three pumpkins and weave some garland around them, and watch the neighbors turn green with envy! To create your topiary, you may want a variety of sizes, and it’s important to find pumpkins that are relatively flat on the top, except for the top tier, which should have an ornamental stem to finish off the topiary. Take some ivy garland, some berries, and a fall ribbon or two and weave those around the pumpkins and it’s a guaranteed fall show-stopper!


Photo Courtesy HGTV

Throwing on the Comfort

Sometimes changing the feel of a space is as easy as changing out pillows and throws to herald the change of the seasons. Here in SoCal, we’re coming into our cool season where the fire pits, lattes or glass of wine, and a wicker basket filled with soft throws are in order. Pull up a chair and stay awhile!

Photo Courtesy HGTV

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