Hidden Gems in Encinitas


In describing the hidden gems of Encinitas, it is accurate to call Encinitas a gem in its own right. Just 25 miles north of San Diego, this community, that was just incorporated in 1986, has just shy of 60,000 residents, and many visitors who would love to call Encinitas home. There are many things to do in Encinitas, which can be divided into 5 areas:

Old Encinitas, which is a small, eclectic beachside area that sits along the coastal 101 highway.
New Encinitas has a golf course and many shopping centers, along with larger, newer homes.
Olivenhain is an area of single family homes and equestrian facilities.
Leucadia lies on the coast and features tree-lined streets, art galleries and restaurants.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea is the furthest south oceanfront community with the Lux Art Institute and San Elijo Campus of Mira Costa College.

So now that you know the areas, let’s look at the hidden gems you can find in Encinitas!

Swami’s Tide Pools
Ask around, and you’ll discover that Encinitas has some of SoCal’s finest beaches. Each beach has its own personality, but we love Swami’s Tide Pools. Here you can catch sea-life in an up close and personal way in the fall. Now’s the perfect time to plan a trip to Swami’s Tide Pools. If you walk the rocky area at low tide you may see Hermit crabs, sea hares, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, brittle sea stars and maybe an octopus or two. Very cool.

Cardiff Seaside Market
Okay so it’s early morning, and you need a jump-start to your day. If you head over to Cardiff Seaside Market, you can make your own homemade orange juice for starters. But this market is known best for something they call the Cardiff Crack. It’s slang for what will probably be the best steak you’ll ever eat. It’s a USDA Choice tri tip that is trimmed, marinated and infused with their specialty Burgundy Pepper marinade. It’s called the ‘Cardiff Crack’ because customers find it addictive. But you don’t have to stick to beef: their scallops are restaurant quality. Scallops seem intimidating, but they’re not. Just add a little olive oil and butter into a skillet, get it good and hot. Salt and pepper your gorgeous scallops and sear them quickly on each side and hey, you are good to go! Cue: thunderous applause for your culinary prowess!

Grandview Beach
If you’ve just had a hip replacement, maybe this isn’t your spot, but Grandview Beach is gorgeous. It’s steep and rocky, and you don’t want to lug heavy things to get there, but it is truly beautiful. Sometimes the great stuff is just harder to come by, and that’s the case with Grandview Beach. It’s far less crowded on the weekends, and you are rewarded with outstanding views once you get there. Because it’s less crowded, parking is no problem, and the surfing is simply awesome, dude. The beach is small, but like we said, not too many people go there, so you have this little slice of paradise almost all to yourself.

San Elijo Campground
If you’re a camper, pull your RV up to your favorite spot at San Elijo Campground. But if you’re a city slicker, come on and grab a spot at Bull Taco. They have a lot of seating and you’ll enjoy some incredible views. Hey, the food is good, too! Even if you don’t like spicy food, try the hot sauce. Yes, really. Just do it. This once. You won’t regret it! It’s a laid-back spot where the kids can run around while you’re talking with the grown-ups. From Bull Taco you can take the stairs down to the ocean to have a barefoot walk along the beach.

Self-Realization Center
Yoga, anyone? This center, along Highway 101, is a place where you turn off your cell phone and chill and get in touch with reality. Kriya Yoga is the Self-Realization Center practice, but this is about calming people mentally and physically, and knowing that God is everywhere in their lives. There are monks and nuns who still follow the practices of the founder, Paramahansa Yogananda. The area includes meditation centers, temples, and offers retreats.

Encinitas, is an incredible mix of fun, food and culture. We love the weather, the people and activities here. So contact us and let us know if we can assist you in making this wonderful spot your new home!

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