Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent


We know it is tempting: to try to buy a home on your own and avoid paying a buyer’s agent a 3 percent commission on the transaction. But consider this: consulting and hiring experts for the big decisions in your life only makes sense. For most of us, buying a home is the biggest financial decision we will make, so getting expert help is more than worth it.


Now, homes are listed on several sites on the internet, and you can scroll through photos and see some details about the house. But you might want to consider the cost of your time. If you are burning up hours of your time trying to find the best needle in the haystack, a realtor can use his/her expertise to pinpoint the right property for your needs. Maybe you need an extra bedroom for an office, or want a craft or music room. Maybe you just have to have a pool, and you want it in the best school district you can find that meets your child’s individual needs. Need a fenced-in yard for your pooch? A realtor has the inside scoop on the market and available inventory, saving you hours of barking up the wrong tree. Yes, that was a bad pun, sorry. Here are some reasons why it is good to have a realtor on your side.


The Closer

A lot of sleepless nights can be blamed on getting near to the closing date on a new home. The deal can fall apart for a number of reasons, and an experienced real estate agent knows what to look for in order to keep the process running smoothly. Sometimes there are problems with the home’s title, and a realtor can navigate those rough waters for you. There can also be holdups on the financial end, when a lender blows through a deadline to get the home financed. For an experienced realtor, these are common issues that he/she is used to dealing with, and can assist in getting the deal done smoothly.


Hey, Comp This!

A real estate agent who has worked in the market for awhile can get an uncanny radar for what a home is actually worth at first glance. Agents take into consideration the neighborhood, and in particular, the comparable prices (or comps) for a property. If a house is extremely overpriced, it may not be worth your time to take a look. Maybe there is a home that is a peach, and would make a sweet deal for you. There is nothing like working through hundreds of real estate transactions, and showing thousands of homes to make a realtor worth his/her weight in gold.


No Emojis Here

Buying a home is very personal. It can be easy to get emotionally wrapped up in a property, and want it to be perfect before closing. It can also be easy to lose your cool when dealing with a home seller when you want items repaired. A realtor has ‘been there and done that’ many times before, and can send written requests to the seller in a professional way that keeps emotions off the table. If the seller isn’t willing to fix the leaky roof, the agent can advocate on your behalf to lower the price, but do so in a business-like way.


Forget the Paper Chase

Think back to your last real estate closing. Have you ever seen so much paper and so many documents to sign? Exactly. Every tiny detail needs to be written, printed, signed, initialed, counter-signed, initialed again…whew! A realtor takes care of the paperwork for you, and makes sure that every “T” is crossed and every “I” is dotted so that nothing falls through the cracks, and makes sure it is done on time.


Honestly Speaking

Our team at Richard Realty hold ethical standards in high regard. Bill Richard serves as a board member for NSDCAR (North San Diego County Association of Realtors) who represents the Central Coast area. He has also served on NSDCAR’s Professional Standards Committee. It is important to Bill and his entire team to maintain the highest ethical standards, which means putting the client’s needs ahead of his or her own. It means making full disclosure to the potential buyer and be truthful when advertising. It means peace of mind for a potential home buyer that you are getting the wisest counsel from a team of professionals.

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