5 Spooky Things San Diego Buyers Don’t Want to See in Your Home

san diego halloween


Aaah, the element of surprise: the unexpected, sometimes the scary. Those may work great for Halloween, but if you are wanting to sell your home in San Diego…, not so much. Our team has compiled a list of 5 of our spookiest things San Diego buyers don’t want to see when they walk in your door.

Mystery Odors

Taste, touch, sight, sound…..and smell. The 5 senses. Yes, we’ve all seen the commercial about “Nose Blindness,” and if you’ve ever been a teenage boy, you understand. If you’ve been the sister of a teenage boy, bless your heart. Sometimes you just don’t get that your house stinks. But potential buyers do: in fact, that may be the first thing they notice when they walk inside. Have the courage during this scary Halloween season to ask a friend to tell you the truth: are air fresheners and new carpet in your near future?

Fido Isn’t Friendly

You love him. Who wouldn’t? Well, maybe everyone who comes to see your listed home. Barking dogs are a strong deterrent against would-be home invaders, but they are also a strong deterrent to would-be buyers. If your pet is likely to snarl, bark and create a barrier between you and selling your home, best to ship Fido out when home ‘show time’ comes around.

Outdated Decor

Elvis. The 80’s. Shag carpet. Velvet paintings. Plastic on the furniture. Now they might yell ‘vintage’ to you, but to a potential buyer, they are more likely to evoke not a sense of nostalgia, but of panic. It creates the ‘we haven’t done anything to this house in decades’ kind of thought pattern, and that isn’t conducive to putting their name on your contract to sell your home. Get rid of the old and bring in the new!

Scary Art

Hey, everybody’s different: we all embrace each other’s taste in art. But when trying to sell your home, you need to understand that art is a very subjective thing. Huge paintings of nude people or large deer heads on your wall can be a huge turnoff for potential buyers. Best to store those ‘precious mementos’ if you are serious about selling your home.

Dust Bunnies and Other Strange Houseguests

Remember that good friend who was honest with you about the smells in your home? Take him/her to lunch, then ask for another brutal assessment: how dusty or dirty is your home? If potential buyers walk in and see dust bunnies, dusty fake greenery, or dust on the kitchen table, it is a signal that 1) the air filters need to be changed, and 2) you are not a great housekeeper. Neither are good, so either don some latex gloves and cleaner, or HIO (Hire It Out.)

Envision that “SOLD” sign on your home. Aaah yes. The changes were all worth it!

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